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The Hit Man’s Press and Promotion cartoons & caricatures appear in many national and international publications.  From newspapers and magazines (consumer and trade press) to websites, conferences and exhibition presentations.

If you are looking for a cartoon to support your editorial or feature or a caricature to give a biog or political piece some impact, then it couldn’t be easier.  Just click the ‘Contact’ tab at the top to email me your story, article or feature and I can submit roughs by email for consideration.  I can supply loose, quick black & white style or more detailed full colour complex images.

This is just a small selection of cartoons - do take a moment to have a look around.

Bloody stonePremiers ladderRubber gloves

Health safetyEnglandDentist

CosmeticTartar sauceBig Issue

All images remain the property of The Hit Man. Copyright of all creative work supplied by The Hit Man resides with The Hit Man.
All rights are reserved, no artwork may be published, reproduced or printed, including photo copying, recording, taping, storage
in information storage and retrieval systems without permission of Graham Fowell, The Hit Man.